Thursday, November 15, 2012

Book Nerd Parenting

Today was a good day to be a book nerd. I'm reading the wonderful Beautiful Redemption, the fourth and the final book in the Caster Chronicles by Margaret Stohl and Kami Garcia. It's really a wonderful series for YA paranormal fans.

 I'm also listening to The Eyre Affair which is a fun mystery crime novel for literature loves. Someone is stealing characters right out of Jane Eyre.

I picked up the LONG awaited spin off series of Fever, called Iced. I absolutely cannot wait to start reading this.

I also hosted a book club meeting: The Scarlet Letter held at Red Ginger. It was probably the best book club meeting I've been to in months. A good group, who talked, had read the book, and were fun to hang out with.  It helps that the food was delicious.

But the best part of today was that the naughties got to go to their first book signing. You really can't expect children with a mother like me, an aunt like my sister (who made the dress from the book Matched just for the release party), and a grandma like my mom to not be book nerds.  They have no choice but to become book nerds even if I have to beat them... with a copy of Wuthering Heights. The signing was held at the lovely Kings English bookstore. Rosemary Wells is the author of the Max and Ruby series and was there promoting her newest book, Max and Ruby's Treasure Hunt.

I unfortunately had to be at that silly place called work so I wasn't able to go. But my amazing mom got the answer to every parents burning question: Where are Max and Ruby's parents?! Mrs. Wells explained that the characters were based on her own kids, 5 and 1. And her five year old was always bossing the one year old around, telling him how to act and what to say and what to do. And she's be listening from another room, which is why you never see the parents in the story. The girls were super excited when they got home and told me all about how they met Max but Ruby couldn't come, and how they met Rosemary Wells who's the author of the Max and Ruby books, and how she read them a story and signed their new books. It was a proud moment for this nerd parent.

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