Friday, September 2, 2011

A Story of Stupidity and Something to Make it Better

After running errands today we decided to give ourselves a little treat. My mom and I were craving some delicious (half priced) cherry limeade from Sonics. I appreciate the sock hops at Sonics because they have to figure out your change all by their lonesome selves. They roller skate out to your car give you your food and then make change for you all without the aide of a calculator or cash register. You'd be surprised at how many people can't do that.

We then drove down the street to get the naughties some ice cream from Burger King. I was delighted to see that they offered their soft serve in either a "cone or a cup". It said so right on the board. And as all mommies know cones and young children equal a big fat mess. So I pulled up and said "I'd like two soft serve ice creams in a cup." And so begins my story of stupidity:

BK Girl: You mean a cone.
Me: Ummm no I mean a cup.
BK Girl: You want a sundae? 
Me: No it says right here "soft serve ice cream in a cone or a cup" and I want mine in a cup.
BK Girl: (silence) So what if I put it in the cone and then put it into a cup."


Double pause...

My brain doesn't process stupidity too well and so I was a bit perplexed and well dumbfounded at her response so I said sure and drove up to the window. And sure enough I watched as she filled two cones with ice cream then turn the cones upside down in to cups to hand to me. I really REALLY wanted to take the cones off and hand them back to her but my mom taught me not to be rude and so I didn't. But WOW... Wouldn't you just put the ice cream into the cup and skip the whole cone business all together?

Now that you're mind has been numbed by that story I'll give you some happier news. My garden. We harvested the plants two days ago and got this:

That's only a portion of the tomatoes. We've been picking them regularly and we still have a ton that aren't red yet. We pulled up the onions a while ago but I can't find a picture. As for the zucchini? Their still growing strong. In fact we have a weird new type that just randomly showed up:

My mom and I both shredded up different batches of zucchini and squash to store in my new deep freezer (yeah!!!).

We also peeled and pack up the tomatoes for future use in tomato sauces and salsas! No more canned tomatoes for us:

I made up a big batch of almond pesto! I can't WAIT to throw that on some pizza dough with some fresh tomato slices and mozzarella! Yum!

But really what I wanted to share with you is my new FAVORITE way to eat zucchini.... Deep fried zucchini strings! So simple. Just shred the zucchini going along the whole length of the zuc. Then chop up thin rings of onions. Throw everything in some buttermilk and let it sit, turning it occasionally to make sure every piece gets it's buttermilk bath. Mix some salt, pepper and garlic powder into some flour. Shake off the excess buttermilk, coat with the flour mixture, then fry until golden. I promise you it's heavenly!


  1. Your peppers look amazing! You should come see my crazy tomatoes. I'll be making salsa soon. That indeed is a round zucchini my mother in law grew them this year.

  2. So in the face-off between Sonic carhops and BK drive-thru servers, Sonic carhops win!!! BK is DOWN.

    Anyway, can I say I am SO jealous of your garden food that I can barely stand to read your blog? How cool that you are getting all this food from your own backyard!!!! I am determined to have a garden. Next year. ;)

  3. Wow. Just wow.

    I'm drooling over your garden and cinnamon rolls!